Tartan of Ohio

The tartan pictured was designed by a former Ohio Scottish Games & Celtic Festival Trustee, Ms. M.J. McMichael Fischbach. The colors are taken from the Ohio flag, seal and other state symbols. Red represents the Cardinal, the state bird. White represents Ohio's major cities, Blue symbolizes Ohio's waterways from the Ohio River to Lake Erie, Azure from the far hills of the seal, denotes the eight sons of Ohio who served as presidents of the United States, The azure-blue-azure combination represents Ohio as the birthplace of “light, flight and the first man on the moon”, namely Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, and Neil Armstrong. Gold from the seal symbolizes Ohio's leadership in agriculture. The thread cont proportions are based on the date Ohio was Admitted to the Union, March 1, 1803.

After being submitted for set review to the Scottish Tartan Society, it was approved and registered as Ohio Tartan on March 29, 1984.